“She most impresses with her ability to convey a line with devotion and phrasing that powerfully straddles Jazz, Cantorial and the avant-garde” All About Jazz,

“The stunning Gottlieb possesses a powerful voice, using it with authority” JazzTimes

In the little things lurk the big picture, and the details of everyday life suggest the wild regions of the heart. Jerusalem-born vocalist and composer Ayelet Rose Gottlieb sings from these spaces, accessing the compelling, tumultuous world of her homeland. These days she celebrates the release of her fourth album,'Roadsides', giving voice to a distressed hope via Israeli and Palestinian Poetry. Written over many years, the songs of Roadsides (Arogole Music; release: October 15, 2014) chronicle clunky ceiling fans and hymns of female blessing, watermelon hugs and sorrowful absences, abandoned sheds and soaring, hopeful wings. Gottlieb's voice, with its cool refinement and warm welcome, brings a jazz-inflected, pitch-perfect sense to these little, but weighty tales. Supported by a band of close collaborators, Gottlieb presents the flavours and sensations of everyday life, in what she calls an 'open letter to my homeland.

An international performer, explorer of sound and seeker of musical adventures, Ayelet often uses intriguing texts as the foundation to her compositions. In her previous album "Upto Here | From Here" (2009) she collaborated with trumpeter Avishai Cohen & Saxophonist Loren Stillman to create an intricate jazz album which featured texts by Martin Luther King, John Cage and others. On "Mayim Rabim" (Tzadik 2006) she composed a song cycle based on erotic Biblical poetry from the Song of Songs. Her first album, "Internal-External" featured saxophonist Matana Roberts and exposed some of her musical influences as she performed "Peace" by Ornette Coleman and "Portrait" by Charles Mingus, beautifully accompanied by pianist Matt Mitchell.

Ayelet's unique blend of Jazz, Middle-Eastern & Jewish music, combined with her innovative approach to composition & improvisation, has led her to collaborate with some of the most cutting edge musicians of our times, including John Zorn, ETHEL (string quartet), and long time collaborator, pianist Anat Fort, with whom she has been performing & recording for over a decade, in her large ensembles as well as in a duo setting.

In 2009, composer John Zorn created the a-cappella quartet Mycale with Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Sofia Rei, Malika Zarra and Sara Serpa (originally Basya Schechter), and commissioned them to arrange, perform and record selected compositions from his Masada Book II: Book of Angels. They released their first album on the series in 2010 (Book of Angels, Vol. 13) and will be recording their second album of Mr. Zorn's compositions in early 2015.